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MLA - 2
Mastering compressor limiter

MLA-2 Mastering compressor limiter	 


MLA-2 Mastering compressor limiter
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The MLA-2 is a stereo or 2-channel compressor with stepped drive (input gain), ratio, attack and
release time and output gain controls. For optimum transparency and freedom from noise the
MLA-2 employs a non-VCA design.

Top recording and mastering engineers still use some analogue signal processing equipment,
finding the familiar correlation between sound and control better to work with. However, most
analogue compressors have either continuously variable controls, making precise adjustments
difficult, or just a few coarsely-stepped controls.Many fail to meet the standards of audio
performance consistent with digital media. The MLA-2 provides fully-stepped controls for
precision and repeatability for ALL parameters.

The MLA-2 is extensively used in mastering but also works well on an insertion point in
recording or mixing. The MLA-2 has a rear-mounted range control switch that adjusts the threshold range to suit either mastering or recording/mixing applications.

The MLA-2 is a compressor that can provide effective dynamic control with minimal
side-effects - it is designed to provide a very transparent signal path.

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