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Precision microphone preamplifier

MMA- 4XR Precision microphone preamplifier	 


MMA- 4XR Precision microphone preamplifier
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The MMA-4XR is an audiophile microphone pre-amplifier offering the highest standards of
performance. Design objectives included consistently precise sound over the whole range of
gain settings, a high level of transparency and ultra-low noise and distortion. The MMA-4XR is
designed for the discerning professional recording engineer.

The microphone pre-amplifier is a critical component in the recording chain, as it must take a
low-level signal from any of a wide range of transducers and amplify it so that it can be
transmitted to a recording or distribution system without loss of information or introduction of
noise. To meet this requirement for quality, particularly driven by advanced digital media such
as CD, DVD, SACD/DSD places huge demands on the preamplifier electronics. The MMA-4XR
has been designed to meet these challenges.

The MMA-4XR is a pre-amplifier that can provide precise gain adjustment with minimal
noise - it is designed to provide a very transparent signal path where the original
signal from the microphone is perfectly preserved, whether it is a classic tube or contemporary design.

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