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CAT Card: timecode and machine control I/O

CAT Card
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The CAT card provides a video reference input and timecode interface with 4 channels of RS422 as an optional accessory for the PCM4, PCM8,
PCM-H16, PCM-H64 and PCM-H128 systems.

An appropriate cable for the specific system is supplied with the card. When connecting to a BoB800 Break-out Box, a 25-way D-sub
cable is supplied.

half length PCI card providing Timecode and machine control I/O
Video Input
Termination Card applies 75Ω termination
Sync amplitude Pulses should be 300mV when terminated in 75Ω
Connector 75Ω BNC
Video Output
Source Impedance 75Ω
Connector 75Ω BNC
connector 25-way D-sub male connector
Format 4 x RS422 connections
Industry standard machine control pin-out via
9-pin break-out.