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  SADiE Video Sub-system
SADiE Video Subsystem
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The Video sub-system enables an AVI-DV video stream to be recorded and edited directly within the SADiE EDL for simple synchronisation of audio to video in post production applications.

The Video sub-system comprises the following components:
  • composite/DV input box by Canopus
  • custom Matrox video card enabling triple screen output including composite TV
  • 120Gbyte IDE video drive
  • pass-worded software plug-in
  • Playback is compatible with any AVI file format

  • Dedicated track in the Playlist, allows you to record video directly on to the time line from a suitable DV or analogue capture device
  • Video track can be edited with tools such as 'Razor'
  • Video can be re-conformed in situ from a change list simultaneously with the audio track-lay.
  • Video can be displayed any size in a window on your desktop, or on an external TV monitor with optional 3 head graphics card.