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SADiE 6 Software

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"SADiE version 6.0.7 is now live. This is a service release and a free upgrade for all owners of SADiE 6. SADiE v6.0.5 added the new low cost SADiE 6 Lite and SADiE 6 Professional packages and native operation on 64-bit Windows; v6.0.6 added 64-bit drivers for the LRX2 and BB2 hardware.
Full details of all the changes are in the release notes on the download page as are instructions on how to update the software."

Download SADiE version 6.0.7 now >>>

Prism Sound and SADiE are proud to announce that SADiE 6 software for audio recording and production has been
nominated for a TEC award in the workstation technology category.

SADiE 6 gives you the freedom to work on any Windows computer using a soundcard such as Prism Sound Orpheus, the computer's built-in sound card, or to use the low-latency, high-reliability SADiE Series 5 hardware solutions.

SADiE 6 applications

SADiE has always excelled in roles where the most sophisticated editing capabilities are required and where reliability and robustness are paramount. In these often pressured work environments, simplicity and ease of use are also vitally
important and contribute to smooth, fast workflow and overall business effectiveness. 

For this reason and unlike many other solutions, SADiE 6 is now available in specific product configurations tailored to
certain roles.

The new editions of SADiE 6 are:

  • Radio Producer
  • Post Suite
  • Mastering Suite
  • Sound Suite

SADiE 6 architecture

The new SADiE 6 software marks another major step in the evolution of high-quality audio recording and production tools in
the computer environment, allowing a choice between proprietary audio I/O and DSP processing, or standard soundcard
I/O and DSP functions running on the host computer. 

In addition to the enhanced flexibility of the Windows environment for audio I/O and signal processing, SADiE 6 provides a new
platform that will deliver many new and improved capabilities as user requirements evolve, including changes to the philosophy
of the automation system and improved and updated capability to support 3rd-party pug-ins. 

SADiE 6 Installation

The SADiE 6 software starts by inspecting the resources available on your Windows computer and then allows selection of the
desired interface, whether SADiE, Prism Sound or something else. SADiE 6 is compatible with Prism Sound computer audio interfaces as well as a wide range of third-party Windows compatible soundcard devices with ASIO or WDM drivers. 

SADiE 6 Solutions

Solutions using the new SADiE 6 software fall broadly into two categories: live multi-track recording and Studio / Mastering solutions. 

Live multi-track recording solutions are branded "SADiE 6 LiVE" and are essentially hardware multi-track recorders consisting
of a SADiE hardware unit and dedicated 
Multi-track Recorder software. The full SADiE software and modules can be added, turning these into full editing systems. The combination of dedicated hardware and software retains the traditional SADiE strengths of low latency, high reliability, bit transparent digital recording in a turnkey system. Additional important features include the ability to make mirrored recordings on two hard-disks providing a simultaneous safety copy, high track counts, and the ability to connect to consoles via MADI, MADI-X, AES-3 or analogue connections.

Initially there are three versions of the SADiE 6 LiVE system:

Studio and Mastering solutions are based around the new SADiE 6 software and either SADiE or Prism Sound hardware or a
combination of each. Examples include: