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Multi-Track Recording Software

Multi-Track Recording Software
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SADiE 6 "LiVE" branded systems are supplied with streamlined 'Multi-Track Recorder' (MTR) software dedicated to multi-track recording / playback, with or without an external mixing console. This 'one-window' user interface design is ideally suited for use as with music recording or film dubbing.

The LiVE series recorders (LRX2 LiVE, LiVE H64, LiVE H128) can all incorporate a range of digital and/or analogue "slithers" enabling connection via MADI, MADI-X, AES3 (AES/EBU), or analogue mic/line with phantom power. The channel count available depends on the hardware frame, cards fitted and the sample rate.

Key features include:

  • 96 and 192kHz sample rates supported 'out of the box'
    The H64 and H128 support all common sample rates up to 192kHz. A single processing card will provide 32 tracks at 96kHz or 16 tracks at 192kHz; the same I/O cards are used in each case. More tracks can be achieved by adding more processing cards; i.e. 2 cards will provide 64 tracks at 96kHz sample rate. The LRX2 supports sample rates up to 96kHz.

  • Lower cost MADI-only versions for film dubbing with digital consoles
    Where the external mixing console has MADI interfacing (e.g. AMS/Neve DFC™, Euphonix System 5™), the H64 is available in a 4U format with MADI only I/O. This offers a considerable cost saving yet still offers full 64-track operation.

  • AAF, AES31, Pro Tools®, OMF file compatibility - Import and Export
    SADiE has been a long-term supporter of file interchange initiatives and was one of the first companies to support AAF and AES31. Such compatibilities ensure that your valuable recordings are compatible with any editing workstation of choice.

  • Choice of native record formats - including Broadcast WAV and SDII
    To further facilitate easy file interchange, you can record natively in these industry standard file formats, thus ensuring a fundamental level of compatibility even outside of the non-linear audio world. Any/all track punch in and out on the fly Despite offering such a high track count, SADiE's engineers have worked hard to ensure that punch in/out works flawlessly. Punch and Edit points are actually performed as small crossfades to ensure glitch-free recording. To achieve this effectively means that 64 track MTR is actually capable of 192 'voices' in the processing domain.

  • Track grouping plus soloing/muting/arming by group
    Of course there is no point in recording so many tracks if you can't keep control of the session. Not only can tracks be grouped (in any combination or width), all track-related functions can operate at group level. Furthermore, a range of zoom modes are provided so as to always ensure you are viewing the tracks you are interested in.

  • Fast and intuitive clip-based and region-based editing tools
    Editing tools have been provided for razor cutting, moving and cutting and pasting where required. Editing is non-destructive with 50 levels of Undo. Multi-track trimming and real-time cross-fading Key to working on stems, edits can be adjusted in real-time across any combination of tracks. A surround stem can be cut and the edit trimmed on all tracks simultaneously in one operation, even if the required edit is
    not co-incident.

  • Interactive Navigator Pane
    Seen at the base of the page, the Navigator pane always shows where you are in your playlist, and updates in real-time. It's a two-way street though, meaning you can move around your project by clicking on the navigator or by drawing a box around where you want to work.
  • Machine Status information bar
    Essential for operator confidence in a pressurised recording situation - key status information is always on screen to confirm such selections as sample rate, record format etc. These settings can be changed by 'right-clicking' on the indicator required - no need to go to a complex set-up window.
  • Optional Auto-Conform Pack including re-conform of pre-mixes/stems
    To facilitate the updating of pre-mixes and stems to keep them current with picture re-cuts, a host of conforming features are offered; for example, EDL reel numbers can be linked to any relevant media (including playlists) on the system, hence an EDL can be used to re-conform previous playlists. Furthermore, a one shot re-cut button is provided to instantly re-cut an open playlist to a change list.
  • Optional 9-Pin slave mode - including track selection and punch
    LiVE H64 and LiVE H128 'MTR' can operate as full 9-pin slave devices. Transport controls, stream and stem record enable, and drop-in/out may all be controlled via 9-pin slave from a recording or mixing console. Emulation modes are 100% customisable, with presets for the most common devices.
  • Deliver function to output multiple playlist to your clients or editors
    When it comes to delivering stems to your clients (in whatever format specified) and getting pre-mixes back to editors for revision, a rack of modular 8 track recorders might be seen as more flexible. However, the LiVE H64 'MTR' is able to simultaneously output multiple sub-compositions from a single playlist to wherever it is needed in any format.
  • Built-in networking via Windows
    Multi-Track Recorder can record to any drive or device which is visible to Windows including IDE and SATA drives, External USB 2.0 drives, NAS, External Firewire drives, PC™ and Macintosh™ format disks, and even Flash memory devices and SSDs (e.g. Nagra™ portable storage).
  • Compatible with SADiE hardware controller and third party controllers (e.g. Lynx™ / Colin Broad™ etc)