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SADiE 5 Legacy Software Bundles and Feature Packs

Please note that these are for existing SADiE 5 installations. Their equivalents are mostly available for SADiE 6 as part of one or more of
the SADiE 6 packages.

Mastering Pack
Red Book CD mastering option, including DDP, Mastering limiter, HiDither, PQ, etc.
Software Feature Pack 1
Feature Pack 1 is a bundle of software features specifically designed to enhance SADiE Series 5 systems.
Interchange Pack
The SADiE interchange pack enables audio file interchange with virtually every other system in the world.
Autoconform Pack
The new SADiE Autoconform pack, in a single stroke, puts SADiE at the forefront of working with file-based location recording devices.



Mastering Pack

  The Mastering Pack comprises a selection of plug-ins and feature options which provide the professional facilities needed for CD Pre-Mastering for replication.

Features included are:
  • DDP creation and import, to and from file or tape.
  • PQ Print-outs to accompany the master to the factory.
  • Support for Mode 2 data a.k.a. UPC/EAN and ISRC codes.
  • PQ burst for reading and creating Umatic masters (this requires a CAT card).
  • Multi-session CD-R support.
  • SADiE Mastering Limiter plug-in.
  • SADiE Graphical EQ plug-in.
  • SADiE Noise Shaped Dither plug-in.

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    Software Feature Pack 1

      Software Feature Pack 1   Feature Pack 1 is a bundle of software features specifically designed to enhance SADiE Series 5 systems. Included in the pack are:
    • Support for CD-Text: this allows the addition of CD-Text to full red book CD mastering so that you can, for example, name each track of your mastered CD which will appear on most modern CD Players and when it is played on a computer.
    • VST plug in support: this extends the built in DirectX plug in support to include the vast array of professional plug ins that adhere to the VST standard. Full VST automation is also included;
    • Compressed Audio formats: This enables SADiE to import any compressed audio format files, such as WMA, MP3, MP2, etc. that are supported by the Windows Media Player installed on the host computer, and export MP3 format files.

    Feature Pack 1 is a cost option plug-in - contact your dealer for details of how to
    obtain it.

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    Interchange Pack

      Interchange Pack  

    The era of moving audio on analogue or digital cables is largely over. Now, your facility can succeed or fail on the strength of your ability to work with clients' files however they arrive, whether on CD, DVD, external hard drive, via FTP, in PC or Apple format, compressed or linear.

    The SADiE interchange pack enables interchange with virtually every other system in the world.

    Projects which may be imported or exported include:

    See also: OMF Interchange

  • v1 or v2
  • Embedded or external media files
  • WAV or AIFF files
  • Edit resolution to audio sample or video frame
  • Bit depth 16 bit, 24 bit, or unchanged
  • With dynamic 'rubber band' or clip-based automation

  • AAF
    See also: AAF Interchange

  • Embedded or external media files
  • WAV or AIFC files
  • With dynamic 'rubber band' or clip-based automation

  • AES-31

    Includes comprehensive crossfade conversion settings to accommodate systems which render fade files or have fade duration limits

    Pro Tools session
    See also: PT5 Interchange

  • Includes support for SDII files on HFS and HFS+ disks

    In addition to the project interchange formats, many additional EDL formats may be opened or converted by SADiE, including:

  • CMX 3200/3600, Lightworks, Grass Valley, Sony 9000, and of course previous versions of SADiE.

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    Autoconform Pack

      Autoconform Pack  

    Until a few years ago, all audio which was imported into a post-production audio workstation was recorded in real time. Any DAW which incorporated timecode and RS422 support was a potential candidate for auto-conform software, and of course, SADiE was one of the very first systems to offer this. It enabled automatic, synchronised recording of audio from timecode DAT or VTR machines into the workstation according to an EDL supplied by the video editor.

    However, since the advent of disk and flash memory-based field recorders, and multi-channel location acquisition practices, the ability to apply EDLs to source material on disk, rather than tape, has become more important. More recently, the autoconform EDL, which is likely to have been generated in mono or stereo, might need to refer to source audio files on disk which could span 8 or more channels.

    The new SADiE Autoconform pack, in a single stroke, puts SADiE at the forefront of working with file-based location recording devices. The enhancements in the software dramatically improve the workflow of a typical project in post production.

    The Autoconform pack includes three invaluable features:

    Multi-channel EDL expansion
    An EDL can be 'rippled out' to any track width required in the SADiE playlist. For example, a mono EDL from the video editor could be used to conform 8 channel audio rushes. The user can create and save presets for working with different types of sessions.

    Intelligent Re-Linking
    Where a program needs to be conformed using files from non-linear location recording units (e.g. Zaxcom Deva™, Aaton Cantar™, HHB Portadrive™), Autoconform allows the user to 're-link' reel numbers from an EDL to the relevant media on the system or network.

    Links may be created for each or every reel according to multiple rules, including:

    • metadata content, (scene no, tape no, reel name);
    • location of the audio;
    • other EDLs, whether created by SADiE or other applications
    Hence an EDL can be used either to conform file-based rushes, or to re-conform previous playlists which have been worked on by the sound editor.

    The rules which specify the behaviour of the conform may be combined, and SADiE will use them in the order in which they are entered. If a certain rule doesn't automatically locate the appropriate audio, the next rule will be used to continue the process. For example, a source audio file which did not contain the expected tape number would still be correctly found if its folder location was specified.

    Audio and video re-conform from a change list
    A 'one shot' re-conform button is provided to re-cut an open SADiE playlist from a mono changelist. Re-conform cuts and edits all enabled streams in SADiE's EDL, including the non-linear video stream in SADiE if required. This powerful feature enables the sound editor to re-conform a full tracklay to picture re-cuts, even allowing him to check sync against the re-conformed picture. As SADiE offers the ability to cut and edit the video stream, this allows the sound editor to continue without having to wait for a new video cut to be provided.

    Any tracklaying work which has been done by the sound editor isn't wasted or lost by the re-conform process, as an EDL of any number of streams is automatically re-cut including all automation data. The operator may even specify his preferences for the auto-return behaviour of any automation data, or the time over which it ramps its values across the edits produced by the re-cut.

    The SADiE Autoconform pack is available for all Series 5 systems except the BB2 please contact your dealer for pricing.

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