Announcing the DNS 8 Live
  CEDAR DNS 8 Live  

The multi-channel dialogue nois e suppressor designed specifically for live sound and live broadcast

When we invented the modern dialogue noise suppressor (the CEDAR 'DNS') we designed it for off-line studio use. It quickly became a standard in post-production, winning an Academy Award® and leading the Academy to say of it, "The DNS1000 can be found on virtually all dubbing stages worldwide, and has become the tool of choice for removing unwanted noise by re-recording mixers everywhere". Nevertheless, this didn't stop hundreds of them ending up on location carts, in football stadia and other sports venues, in newsrooms, in live TV studios, and in use at specialised live-to-air situations such as The Grammys, the Super Bowl and other very high-profile events.

Today, we are proud to announce the first DNS designed specifically for live use. With eight simultaneous channels of dialogue noise suppression, the DNS 8 Live hosts a new DNS algorithm boasting a simplified '2-knob' approach as well as a detailed editing mode that offers more control than any previous dialogue noise suppressor. Nonetheless, it retains the same near-zero latency of all its predecessors, making it suitable for use in all live situations - not just live-to-air broadcasting, but also live sound in venues such as theatres, concert halls, conferences venues, and places of worship.

But that's not the limit of the features offered by the DNS 8 Live. Recognising that many people will want to use it where there's no ready access to mains power, we have added a standard 4-pin 12VDC input.

What's more, we have anticipated the needs of users who will want to control the DNS 8 Live using modern methods such as laptops, iPads and many other (perhaps as yet unseen) devices, so we gave it the ability to respond to a simple, web-based remote control interface. With the DNS 8 RC software due for release later in the year, the DNS will no longer be tied to a DAW - the DNS 8 Live will work with almost any web browser. It's the DNS for everyone.

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CEDAR Cambridge V8
Cambridge V8
  CEDAR Cambridge V8  

Now with video playback and more!!

Most obviously, CEDAR Cambridge now supports video playback, allowing you to view the visual content of up to eight A/V files simultaneously while analysing and processing the audio contained within them.

At the architectural level, it boasts an expanded file processing system, with powerful new region categories that hugely enhance its ability to perform independent processing on multiple regions of the audio and greatly extend its transcription capabilities. The system also offers improved output mapping, an expanded Hot Keys section, and it has been upgraded to play, record and process at 192kHz.

Alongside this, it offers numerous updates within its restoration and other processing modules, such as new tools in the enhanced Retouch 5™ and Respeed™, the addition of the ITU1770-2 and M-weighted standards in the Power Normaliser, and a revised Adaptive Limiter™ that greatly extends the range of limiting and maximising effects obtainable.

With numerous other improvements, CEDAR Cambridge V8 remains the system of choice for remastering studios, archives, sound libraries and audio forensic investigation.

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CEDAR Audio announces that CEDAR for SADiE™ is now available on SADiE 6 Native
Rotary Fader
  CEDAR for SADiE  
  CEDAR Audio is delighted to announce that the full suite of CEDAR for SADiE processes is now available on all versions of SADiE 6.

SADiE 6 is available to run natively as well as on SADiE's dedicated DSP boards, and can be licensed to a particular PC, to a dongle, or using the new licence server option that allows users to check processes in and out of a central repository. The introduction of these options provides users with a hugely flexible range of ways to authorise and use SADiE, but created a number of technical hurdles that had to be jumped before new versions of CEDAR for SADiE could run on all of them.
Gordon Reid, CEDAR Audio's Managing Director says, "This is a big step forward, offering much more flexibility for users, both in terms of how they license CEDAR for SADiE, and in terms of the systems on which they can run it. Of course, the performance of the CEDAR processes is uncompromised, and SADiE users will obtain the same first-class results from the new versions as they have always done."

About CEDAR for SADiE

For users for whom a single, integrated approach to restoration and mastering is most suitable, CEDAR Audio created the CEDAR for SADiE suite, which won a SSAIRA Award and was also nominated for a coveted TEC Award. CEDAR for SADiE removes all manner of clicks, crackle, thumps, and hiss, and includes CEDAR Retouch™ to ensure that your audio is free of all unwanted sounds and noises.

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CEDAR Studio wins an Audio Media Gear Of The Year Award
Linear Manual Fader  

Further to a Gear Of The Year Award for DNS One last year, we are proud to announce that CEDAR Studio has won an Audio Media "Gear Of The Year" Award in 2011.

The Awards celebrate a select few products each year that are seen to be innovative and outstanding in their field. This year, the editors wrote, "Finally, the CEDAR processes together in your Pro Tools rig. What's not to like? This is an opportunity for a whole new audience to get their mitts around a benchmark in noise and corrective processing."

About CEDAR Studio
Available as a range of plug-ins for Pro Tools® on the Mac and PC, CEDAR Studio allows you to eliminate a wide range of common problems and significantly improve the sound quality of your audio. Each CEDAR Studio process has been selected from our multi-award-winning CEDAR Cambridge™ flagship, and provides unsurpassed results, quickly, and with the minimum of fuss and user intervention.
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Prism Sound launches SADiE 6 dongles
  Prism Sound is delighted to announce the release of the latest version of its SADiE 6 software. In addition to various enhancements, SADiE users can now use their SADiE 6 editing software on any computer, anywhere in the world, thanks to the dongle-based security that gives users the ultimate in flexibility. SADiE 6.0.2 supports dongle operations, and the dongles themselves are now shipping.

"The new release software adds a number of advantages, particularly to editors with new functions in the trim editor that speed up workflow by allowing adjacent clips selection and pairing of clips," says Prism Sound and SADiE's Broadcast Consultant Pete Nash. "Stability with certain Windows issues have now been resolved and the dongle support is particularly useful to customers who are using SADiE 6 for location recording, or in organisations where the software is more likely to move from computer to computer."

Dongles are now shipping and customers who would like one should contact us to find out more.

The launch of SADiE 6 software marks another step in the evolution of the high-quality audio recording and production system in the computer environment, allowing a choice between proprietary audio I/O and DSP processing, or standard soundcard I/O and DSP functions running on the host computer.

2011 has been a busy year for SADiE, and many interesting developments including the rolling out of the SADiE 6 to the BBC in Manchester. The company has also launched an accreditation scheme for training establishments to ensure that future broadcast engineers receive the very best training in this ground breaking craft editing technology.
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MASELEC MTC-1 Stereo Mastering Console
  Stereo Mastering Console  
  The MTC-1 measures 3 U height with a depth 'behind panel' of 260mm and 8kg weight.
The front control surface has 42 push-button controls with LED lights and 11 high quality rotary switches.

Gold XLRs are used for all audio connections, assisting the use of highest quality cables.
Connecting and rearranging external equipment is very easy.
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