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Who we are

The company name has changed to CDA Pro–AV. It is a sister company to Control Devices - a chief supplier of Aerospace, Defence and Industrial electronics in Australia, New Zealand, China and Southeast Asia.

Control Devices was founded in 1997 by Rick Dowel with the purpose of providing the best possible engineering advice, technical support and product solutions to improve operational performance. The company has manufacturing facilities based in Australia.

Even though the main company's background is engineering, its passion is high quality Professional Audio. CDA Pro–AV was created in 2009 to pursue this passion. Its initial goal was to supply test & measurement tools for manufacturers of audio equipment we all have come to know and use.

We believe that your craft should not be limited by the deficiencies of a product, therefore we will remain suppliers for those who are peerless in performance and electronic design and will continue to address companies with a world-leading reputation for sound quality and where state-of-the-art is without compromise.